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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is this really the end? Or just the beginning

I am now at the end of my journey with Library 2.0 and I will say that I did enjoy the experience. Some of my favorite discoveries while doing this were some of the graphic sites, I found flickr to be quite enjoyable with it comes the ability to add accessories to your graphics to personalize them. I also found the generator site extremely interesting - it helps you add fun extras to your blog. LibraryThing, while at first I though it was not intriguing has become quite enjoyable in the long run, adding some of my favorite books and authors and seeing how many others enjoyed them as well proved to be helpful. And playing around with Zoho was fun.

I will more than likely re-visit several of these sites to enhance my blog and my web page. And I've also learned a trick or two in the process - tagging, creating specialized graphics, learning more about html, and sharing some of my favorite sites to visit.

I didn't expect to have so much to put on my blog and it surprised me at how much I did add on and how much I have yet to add. I also didn't expect to enjoy the process so much and seeing how much my co-workers enjoyed it as well, it gave us a lot to talk about. I plan on continuing with my blog in the future just to see what else there is to add to it.

If given the opportunity, I wold definitely participate in another program like this. I really enjoyed this whole blogging experience even when it was stressing me out trying to figure things out. Thanks for the opportunity and new knowledge I've found.


Barbraian said...

It's not really the end! There's a link to 2.1 for "beyond the 23 things"

Awad said...

Congrats! Yeah!

Gloria's Blog said...

It looks like you had some fun creating your blog. You've given me some ideas.

Judy said...

I see the next set of Things looming in your future.

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